About Buena Connection Brewing Company

The Buena Connection Brewing Company is a family-owned brewery born out of a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds. Our diverse heritage—Colombian, Irish, French, American, and Italian—has instilled in us a deep appreciation for tradition, flavor, and the power of community. We’re not just passionate about craft beer; we see it as a means to connect with our community and share our love for exceptional brews.

Craft beer has the remarkable ability to bring people together, sparking conversations, and creating lasting memories. We believe that a trip to the brewery should be an experience that transcends simply drinking—it should be an opportunity to learn, explore, and savor the intricate flavors that our brews have to offer. At The Buena Connection, we take pride in educating our patrons about the art of responsible drinking, guiding them on a journey of discovery through the diverse range of flavors and styles we meticulously craft.

Our vision extends beyond the present. We aspire to build a legacy for our family and create a business that will stand the test of time, passed down through generations. Opening a brewery isn’t just a strategic decision for us; it’s a joyous pursuit that brings us fulfillment and allows us to share our passion with others. We believe that the beer industry is a realm where creativity and camaraderie flourish, and we’re committed to infusing every aspect of our business with that sense of fun and adventure.

Join us at The Buena Connection Brewing Company

Where the love for craft beer and the celebration of family and community come together. Raise a glass with us and embark on a journey that transcends borders, cultures, and flavors. Together, let’s savor the joy of exceptional craft beer and create lasting connections that will leave an indelible mark on our lives and our community.
Cheers to new beginnings and a shared love for the art of brewing!